Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Plucking Grass Burrs!

One of my friends expressed concern about the line in the 23rd Psalm that says, “He makes me lie down in green pastures”.  She said, “You know, I’m always afraid the field is going to be full of grass burrs.”  Well, let me assure you, the green pastures are always full of grass burrs.  Yes, God will provide for our every need.  The gifts are there waiting for us, but, it is up to us to overcome the painful grass burrs that prevent us from receiving and being the full blessing He wants for us.  It requires us to grit our teeth and pluck out all the pesky grass burrs that are causing us to limp through life.  

We all want to make things easy for ourselves, and those around us.  That's our human-ness and it's not always good.  It's not that God wants to watch us suffer, but, He is God, and He knows that it is in struggling that we become strong, like the caterpillar that struggles to free itself from the prison of it's own chrysalis. It is through the struggle that it becomes a beautiful butterfly, ready to ride the wind from flower to flower. The butterfly's fanciful flight ensures the circle of life, the new flowers feed many other species. God uses the gorgeous fruit of the butterfly's painful writhing to send ripples out into the world.

Without the struggle and transformation, the caterpillar would just remain a worm and no one would be helped. God has much bigger plans to use us than He does for the poor worm.  But to use us He cannot leave us in our useless weakness. His ways are not our ways. Rejoice in the struggle!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Eternal life doesn't  start when we die. Isn't that an amazing thought? As Christians, the life you are living today, right now, IS your eternal life.  Do you think that's a good thing, or were you hoping for something magic to happen to change you - later?  We all look forward to an eternal life free of the evils of this world, and that promise is real - as Christians we claim it, look forward to it and we will experience it when our earthly bodies give out. That's a given.

But, our personality, our spirit, who we are, will not magically change. We take ourselves, whoever that is, with us into that glorious future. Are you the person you want to be, are you the person God intended you to be or are you waiting for God to click His fingers and change you, or are you waiting to "do the work" later? 

God is all about character development, about change, about getting people ready to join Him and experience the joy, hope and freedom of living the God-filled life waiting for them in His Kingdom.  What are you waiting for? The Holy Spirit is available now, the Holy Spirit is the agent of the change you are craving, the agent standing by ready, willing and able to begin your make-over, so that you can have everything He wants for you now.   Matt. 7:7 says, "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."..... and that means NOW!  Remember, God's ways are not our ways. You are living your eternal life now!