Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Welcome to DAY ONE of my personal BLOG!  You know, God truly is a prayer answering faithful God and still does spectacular things in peoples lives! But, we have to be full participants.  We have to be open to His ways, because they are not our ways.  This Blog is dedicated to sharing "His ways".

There are many roadblocks to living life in the complete abundance that God has waiting for us.  One of them is our inability to love and accept people who we may not like. Often, we choose community with other Christians who are “like us” – whatever that may be.  Shunning those who make us uncomfortable with their differences, whether it’s there neediness or eliteness, disconcerting habits, or sketchy past.  Often, we shy away from the challenge issued by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to reach out and work side by side with and for these very people.

However, if we only hang with like-minded individuals we risk stagnate faith and deny ourselves the opportunity to grow into the fullness of life promised by our Lord to those who follow in His footsteps.  Calling on the Holy Spirit to help us have the courage to learn to love and work with and for the unlovable grows us in spirit and faith.  Jesus came to serve all people, and wants to serve all people through us.

You’ve heard the saying that iron sharpens iron. There is a reason that, to sharpen our edge our own rough spots need to be worn away. That can’t happen by wiping them with a soft cloth!  After all, there are no perfect people – no, not even us!  The tools the Lord uses to refine us and fit us for service are the people He puts in our lives.  He expects us to go out in the world and seek out challenging people and learn to love and work with them, just as He did.

My prayer for you as you read this is that you expand your horizon, increase your vision, and expect a miracle!